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Pulkovo Airport (Aeroport Pulkovo) (IATA: LED, ICAO: ULLI) is an international airport serving Saint Petersburg, Russia. It consists of two terminals, Pulkovo-1 (serving mostly domestic flights) and Pulkovo-2 (international flights), which are located about 20 km and 17 km south of the city centre, respectively. The airport serves as a hub for Rossiya Airlines (formerly Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise). Presently it is the 3rd busiest airport in Russia.

Originally the airport was named Shosseynaya Airport. Construction began in January 1931 and was completed in June 1932. During the Second World War the airport was the frontline in the Nazi Siege of Leningrad. There were no flights between 1941 and 1944. The nearby Pulkovo hills were occupied by the Nazis and were used by the long-range artillery for daily bombardments of Leningrad. The airport was cleared of the Nazis in January 1944, and finally resumed passengers flights in 1948. The airport was renamed "Pulkovo Airport" in 1973. The new Pulkovo-1 terminal was open to handle the domestic air traffic.

There are two passenger terminals: Pulkovo-1 for domestic flights, and Pulkovo-2 for international flights. There is also one cargo terminal. There are forty-seven aircraft stands total. It is planned to increase the number of aircraft stands to 100 by 2025. The airport has two main runways. Terminal 1 mainly serves flights within Russia and the CIS countries. Some international charter flights are also served by Terminal 1, those are tourist flights as well as private business jets. Terminal 2 serves most of the long-haul international flights. Terminal 1 was built in 1973, whereas Terminal 2 was built in 1950s and reconstructed in 2003. In the short term, Pulkovo strategically focuses on its master plan until 2025 that calls for massive modernization of the entire airport infrastructure. A new terminal will be located directly to the north of the Terminal 1 and will contain 18 gates. The construction was planned to begin in 2008 with scheduled completion in 2010/11, but construction started only in spring 2011.

All flights from Terminal 1 are now served from the new terminal. Terminal 1 is now connected with the new terminal and is a waiting lounge for domestic flights passengers.

At the end of March 2014 the last flight was served from the Terminal 2.

All Pulkovo airport flights are now served from the new terminal.

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Pulkovo 2 airport Pulkovo 2 airport Pulkovo 2 airport Pulkovo 2 airport
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